We are experts in transformation and change.

Unique, comprehensive change management programmes that transform customer service and sales in Hospitality, Travel, Retail, Healthcare and other service sectors.

We transform organisations.

Ready to be transformed?

We don’t just conduct research; or run training programmes; or evaluate customer service; or facilitate business improvements.
We have a comprehensive, proven system to manage and embed transformation and change.

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Your business doesn’t need to suffer

Decrease customer service complaints by 50%

Service industries the world over suffer from the same ubiquitous and persistent core problems - bad customer service and sub-optimal sales. Sitrus is the pioneer of the "Zest Test" - stress test your business.

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Our track record speaks for itself

Increase sales by 15%

Our programmes have shown an average sales increase of circa 15% in the global hospitality and retail settings where we’ve worked. Not by aggressive sales tactics. Not by raising prices. — By focusing service providers’ attention on understanding and meeting their customers’ needs.

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We believe every customer has the right to expect excellent service at all times.

We transform your customer service and sales performance

We’re focused on the Hospitality, Retail and Healthcare industries

We have a comprehensive, proven system to manage and embed transformation and change

We have a unique and copyrighted portfolio of transformation and change programmes

We deliver our programmes via a suite of digital tools and content

We provide live, real-time management insight into your transformation and change programme

We deliver significant, lasting results

Don’t be another statistic

Transform your customer performance

Sitrus focuses on Hospitality, Travel, Retail and Healthcare

Our portfolio of transformation and change programmes has been successfully implemented with blue chip clients in Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America for the past 25+ years.

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What Sitrus does

Our 5-Step transformation and change programme

The Sitrus Transformation™ methodology has evolved to comprise five distinct but highly joined-up stages that every change programme must include to be successful.

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What Sitrus provides

The Sitrus Portfolio of transformation and change toolkits

Utilising a unique and copyrighted portfolio of tried and tested transformation and change management programmes that enable: Change Insight, Change Facilitation, Change implementation, Change Evaluation, and Change Institutionalisation.

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