Providing a suite of tools developed over 25-30 years that improve the twin ills of performance in the service sector – improving customer service and optimizing sales. How Sitrus operates at all levels within the client organization.

25-30 years of successfully implementing its portfolio of programmes in blue chip organisations across Europe, Middle East, North America and Asia – whether retail, hospitality, or healthcare.

How developing bar and restaurant concepts lead to the eye opening world of Instructional Design and the development of 13 transformation and change programmes.

Successful transformation of poor customer service and underperforming sales is not just about training. It’s about combining training with essential implementation, evaluation, and institutionalisation tools.

As consumers, we all face poor service on a daily basis. Sitrus has a proven track record in reducing customer complaints by 50% and increasing sales by 15%.

How Sitrus utilizes three existing business models – Kubler-Ross, Kotter, and Hofstede – to advise leaders on successfully managing the emotional, planning, and cultural impacts of transformation and change.

The advantages of moving from classroom-dependent training and a mix of paper/Excel-based implementation and evaluation programmes to Sitrus’ fully integrated, mobile, data driven, platform.

How many complaints does your organization receive on a weekly basis? Statistics suggest these represent less than 5% of the true number of customers that are dissatisfied with your organisation’s performance.

Why every company should care about every customer that is dissatisfied with the service they receive. What is the commercial and reputational damage that results from bad service?

Understanding the importance of WIIFM (What’s in it for me!) when changing customer service provider performance. Creating and communicating why a sense of urgency is critical in every individual’s motivation to change performance.

The Sitrus Vision and Mission

We believe everyone in the Service Industry should have the opportunity to perform to professional standards and exceed their expectations

The Sitrus Vision and Mission

We’re rewriting the rulebook on the transformation process to enable people to perform

The Sitrus Vision and Mission

We are experts in transformation and change - delivering significant customer service and related performance improvements

The Sitrus Vision and Mission

Our clients are large organizations in selected service industries – Retail, Hospitality, Travel, and Healthcare

The Sitrus Vision and Mission

We achieve lasting and tangible results through an integrated system of insights, training and facilitation, implementation, evaluation, and institutionalization

The Sitrus Vision and Mission

We’re Sitrus – Providing the zest for change

The Sitrus Approach

Why is the Sitrus Approach Different?

Typical Training

Most training is ‘spray & pray’ with a splattering of fancy acronyms. It’s often just a one-way flow of information, with little or no interaction, feedback, or focus on lasting results.

Our Approach

Our programmes are designed to actively involve participants and constantly assess understanding and retention.

The Sitrus Difference = Much higher commitment to transformation and change at all levels in the organisation
Typical Training

Most training is justing talking — an isolated classroom event, disconnected from anything that happens in the workplace.

Our Approach

Training is only one part of our transformation and change programme - supported by a comprehensive portfolio of implementation, evaluation, and institutionalization toolkits that achieve lasting results.

The Sitrus Difference = Embedding the codified performance standards at every customer touchpoint to enact lasting change.
Typical Training

Most training companies do not hand over the training material so that training can be conducted in-house.

Our Approach

We embed the training function within the organisation, training in-house facilitators that then act as ambassadors to the transformation and change process.

The Sitrus Difference = Establishing immediate and lasting legitimacy within the organistion.
Typical Training

Performance and improvement data is not collected, and return on training investment cannot be demonstrated.

Our Approach

Granular data accumulates constantly throughout the programme and afterwards, providing invaluable organisational and sectoral intelligence.

The Sitrus Difference = Data provides insight and intelligence that form the basis for granular improvement and lasting change.
Typical Training

Typical training projects are finite and usually short in duration – creating a vacuum once completed.

Our Approach

Our programmes are ongoing, providing service providers with all the tools they require to enact lasting change, maintaining motivation and correction throughout the transformation and change process.

The Sitrus Difference = Training is simply the start of the transformation and change process.


In a class of their own…

- David Mchattie - Mitchells & Butlers


Increased sales by 20%, ahead of any expectations...

- Petri Ahonen - Silja Line

Staffing Agencies

Highly effective programmes…

- Petri Ahonen - Staff Point


Trusted advisor for transformation and change programmes...

- Suhail Al Ansari - Mubadala Healthcare


The best provider of sales and customer service training in the hospitality sector...

- Markku Kuusinen - Hok-Elanto

Hospitality and Government

… wherever I moved I made sure their programmes moved with me…

- David McHattie - Fullers, The Restaurant Group, People First

Vendors and Suppliers

Revolutionised training for coffee roasters and suppliers...

- Ville Karkiainen - Paulig

Vendor Supplier

From the very beginning, their programmes brought us a unique proposition to consolidate and build market share...

- Tom Alakari - Altia


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