The Sitrus Transformation™ methodology has over time evolved to comprise five distinct but highly joined-up stages, which every change programme must include to be successful

The Sitrus Difference

5 Steps to Successful Transformation and Change

Step 1

Understanding the Customers’ Expectations

  • Customer journey mapping — Identifying every touchpoint between the customer and the service provider.
  • Research — The Voice of the Customer - quantifying and qualifying the customers’ expectations (in terms of time/process/behaviour) at every touchpoint. Gauging service provider sentiment/motivation.
  • Expected performance standards — expected standards are not monolithic, rather a collection of countless micro-standards spanning the entire customer experience.
  • Actual customer satisfactionCustomer satisfaction is not monolithic, rather what the customer experiences at every touchpoint spanning their entire journey.
  • Employee sentiment — The Voice of the Service Provider, a snapshot of the service providers’ current sentiment in terms of Motivation, Leadership, Direction, and the Work Environment.

Step 2

Communicating the Urgency to Change

Facilitator and Training Toolkit — Ensuring everyone buys into the need for change and the expected performance standards, at every level within the organisation – courtesy of Sitrus’ portfolio of courses (digital and classroom) and LMS.

Step 3

Embedding the Change

Implementation Toolkit — Embedding the new codified performance standards for every function at every touchpoint, courtesy of Sitrus Codified Performance Standards; Sitrus Performance Appraisals; Sitrus Communication Templates; Sitrus Service Provider Engagement Templates.

Step 4

Ensuring Change is Performed

Evaluation Toolkit — ensuring the delivery of the new service standards for every function at every touchpoint. Sitrus daily Exit Polls; Sitrus Weekly Customer Surveys; Sitrus Monthly Mystery Customer Surveys; Sitrus Employee Sentiment Surveys; Sitrus Incident reports.

Step 5

Institutionalising the Change

Institutionalisation Toolkit — ensuring the new standards of performance and behaviour become part of the organisational culture. Sitrus Management Dashboards (live, real-time status of service performance at every touchpoint/function); Sitrus Customer Satisfaction Dashboards (live, real-time status from Exit Polls, Customer Surveys and Mystery Customer Surveys). Sitrus HR Dashboards (live, real-time status of individual service provider compliance/performance to expected standards.

Live information leads to

Continuous Cycle of Improvement

  • New expected standards of performance
  • New content for training
  • New codified standards of performance
  • New performance appraisals
  • New content for evaluation
  • New content for dashboards
  • …and back to new expected standards of performance.