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Patient Service the Art overview

*Priced in USD


Best for individual caregivers who want to improve their patient service performance, get ahead in their careers, self-develop, and increase their earnings potential.

Limited time offer per person: $125
(50% off)
Normally $250

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Two-hour online interactive and cinematic training programme:

Part 1: Bad Service (55 mins)

  • Five symptoms of bad service
  • Addresses the crucial issues of bad service
  • Helps you understand the root cause
    behind bad service

Part 2: Excellent Service (1:05 mins)

  • Covers the patient journey and expectations at each touch point
  • Addresses behavioural and verbal skills
  • Systems, processes and procedures that enable excellent patient service

In addition, you'll get the following:

  • One month's access to complete the course
  • An easy-to-use implementation guide to applying learnings to your everyday work
  • Basic tech support
  • Digital certificate upon successful completion of the course
  • Exclusive offers and discounts on other courses
Small Healthcare Business

For small healthcare businesses who want to see a significant improvement in patient satisfaction - a decrease in complaints and an increase in caregiver performance. Minimum of 10 employees.

Limited time offer per person: $125
(50% off)
Normally $250

What’s included in Patient Service the Art for Small Healthcare Businesses

  • Two-hour online interactive and cinematic training programme for a minimum of ten users
  • Post-training implementation guide to transfer your caregiver’s new skills and knowledge to the workplace
  • Completion certificate – Patient Service the Art
  • Post-course support benefits, including ‘how-to’ guides and webinars.
  • Contact with the creator of Patient Service the Art

Small Healthcare business Installation Package
For an additional $1000, small healthcare businesses who have completed the online course can access the following:

  • Two months access to complete the course (minimum 10 seats)
  • Access to the ZestTest Basic - 10 users (additional bundles of 10 users at $100 per month)
  • Post-course webinar to support healthcare outlet implementation
  • Sitrus Transformations' online support services for installation and troubleshooting over two months
  • Exclusive offers on other courses
Large Healthcare Business and Corporate

Great for large teams of caregivers and healthcare organisations who want to make long-lasting transformative changes in patient service delivery, increasing caregiver performance and reducing complaints.

Contact Sitrus for a tailored quote to your healthcare organisation's needs.

Ready to transform your patient service?

We transform large healthcare businesses/organisations via a comprehensive, proven system to embed and manage long-lasting delivery of excellent patient service; see more by clicking here.

In addition to Patient Service the Art, Sitrus Transformations’ portfolio includes the following:

1. Detailed mapping of the patient journey - from the first point of contact (touchpoint) through to the last.

2. Voice of the patient research - identifying the patients’ expectations (time/process/behaviour) at every single touchpoint.

3. Developing codified caregiver provider performance standards (time/process/behaviour) for every single touchpoint.

4. The Zest Test – our revolutionary caregiver assessment system that provides:

a. ‘Live/real-time’ evaluation of caregiver performance at every touchpoint against both the codified standards and the patients' expectations.
b. ‘Live/real-time’ patient feedback on caregiver performance.

5. Comprehensive advisory services in managing the complexities of organisational transformation and change, using proven methodology. See more by clicking here.