Excellent Service In Extraordinary Times

19 November 2020

Excellent Service In Extraordinary Times

Covid 19 has demonstrated that globally challenging events can impact us all. But, that does not necessitate or alter the basic tenets of excellent service. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. When people are stressed by forces outside of their control, it’s even more crucial for service providers to deliver performance standards that meet and exceed their needs.

Systems/Processes/Procedures need to be adapted to accommodate the changes in personal interaction. Social distancing needs to be applied. Masks need to be worn when required. Washing hands and maintaining strict sanitation needs to be a constant.

Our behavior and verbal skills need to accommodate the confusion, fear and frustrations of our patients (customers).

No matter what, the Six Golden Rules remain the mantra for any successful business seeking to deliver excellent service.

· Look at me - eye contact remains essential in demonstrating you are genuinely interested in your patient (customer);

· Smile at me – no matter if you are wearing a mask, your eyes demonstrate the sincerity of your welcome and create trust with the patient (customer);

· Talk to me – finding out and understanding your patients’ (customers’) needs remains essential;

· Listen to me – your patients’ (customers’) rely on your ability to listen and identify their needs and wants;

· Thank me – especially during times when everyone’s employment is potentially impacted, your patients’ (customers’) expect you to be grateful for their loyalty;

· Care about me – extraordinary times rely on ordinary people to take ownership of their every day responsibilities to care about others. In return, their patients’ (customers’) demonstrate how much they care by remaining loyal to them.

Eventually, extraordinary times will pass. Excellent service never ends.