Do your staff deliver excellent customer service at every touch-point with your customers? Do your processes inhibit or enable excellent customer service performance?

Customer Service

Are you interested in a standardised training programme that delivers excellent customer service?

Introducing Service the Art

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Service the Art Programme Features

Overcome the organizational challenges of delivering excellent customer service:

  • The symptoms of bad service
  • The cost of bad service – reputation and commercial
  • The cure to bad service - attitude v behaviour 
  • What’s in it for you
  • The customer journey
  • Excellent service behaviour and processes
  • Means test your own performance
  • The six golden rules

Transform Your Customer Service Performance

As a result of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Analyse your customers’ journey in terms of their service expectations regarding time/processes/behavior at every touch point
  • Develop systems/processes/procedures that enable excellent customer service performance
  • Plan and deliver excellent customer service behavior and verbal skills
  • Evaluate and improve your staff’s customer service performance

What’s included in Service the Art

  • 2-hour online interactive and cinematic training programme for a minimum of ten users
  • Post-training implementation guide to transfer your new skills and knowledge to the workplace
  • Completion certificate – Service the Art
  • Post-course support benefits, including ‘how-to’ guides and webinars.
  • Contact with the creator of Service the Art

Small Business Installation Package
For $1250, small businesses who have completed the online course can access the following:

  • 2 months access to training material (minimum 10 seats)
  • Manager's implementation guide to apply learnings at the outlet level
  • The ZestTest - 10 users (additional bundles of 10 users at $1000 per month)
  • Support channel for troubleshooting for three months
  • Exclusive offers on other courses
  • Troubleshooting services from Sitrus Transformations

Watch a short intro to the Zest Test

Watch the Zest Test in Action


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